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Covid 19 Updates from CDHA

posted Mar 15, 2020, 9:14 AM by Heather Cassidy
COVID-19 Update for CDHA members March 14, 2020
CDHA acknowledges the unique challenges faced by dental hygienists and oral health professionals due to the nature of oral health services. 
We continue to monitor emerging information in the development of guidance and information resources for dental hygienists affected by the COVID-19 outbreak in various ways. 
We recognize that impacts are felt differently across the dental hygiene profession, including practising health and safety at work, income security, the likelihood of exposure and risks. CDHA is taking a balanced approach to addressing needs for support identified by members during this outbreak.  
Our ultimate goal is to protect the public and the dental hygiene workforce from this viral spread. 
The following are key points for consideration:
• If you do not have access to proper masks and protective equipment, do not provide services.
• If your clients have travelled to high risks areas within the last 14 days, do not provide treatment and please re-schedule.
• Recent research suggests that the coronavirus, which causes the respiratory infection COVID-19, can be detected up to 3 hours after aerosolization and can infect cells throughout that time period, the study authors found. The instruments that dentists and dental hygienists use routinely produce aerosols that would be contaminated with the virus if a patient was a carrier, symptomatic or not. This would cause the virus to be transmissible throughout the entire office.
CDHA is communicating with Finance Canada to request EI assistance for dental hygienists with reduced workloads and or no work.
CDHA is meeting with the Public Health Agency of Canada and BMS, our insurance broker, on Monday and will provide further updates at this time.
Click here to read CDHA’s one-page guide on client screening procedures and infection protection and control protocols during the outbreak.
The World Health Organization map breaks down the number of confirmed cases, deaths, and countries. Other maps and dashboards are available online.
CDHA encourages dental hygienists to continue to have open conversations with their employers and clients and work with other members of their dental team to ensure that proper protocols are in place and are followed. Office protocols should be flexible and evolve as the risk changes.
Heather Cassidy,
Mar 15, 2020, 9:14 AM