As dental hygienists, we strive to help all our clients have optimal oral health, recognize and understand the connection to overall health, without any barriers to care. The PEIDHA’s goal is to be recognized as a self-regulated, active professional association committed to our community and our members.

Dental hygienists have been recognized as health care professionals in Canada for more than 50 years. Dental hygiene was legally recognized in PEI as a health occupation in 1950. Today there are over 100 dental hygienists registered in the province of PEI and about 22,000 Registered Dental Hygienists across Canada.

In 1963, several alumnae of the school of dental hygiene started an organization at the national level to organize graduate dental hygienists in Canada. They formed the Canadian Dental Hygiene Association (CDHA). Nine years later in 1973, PEI dental hygienists became the 8th constituent association of the CDHA. Over time, our associations have promoted quality dental hygiene research and advocated with the Canadian government to ensure oral health care gets the recognition it deserves.

The PEIDHA works to promote and increase awareness of our profession and advocate for optimal dental hygiene care. Our council and volunteers collaborate to develop our membership, our association and our profession. Below is a link to our Strategic Plan 2014-2017.

PEIDHA has 92 members and is an active dental hygiene association that hosts an Annual General Meeting each May and a Semi Annual General Meeting in November. The council operates based on the policies defined in it's Policy and Procedures Manual (link to manual below). The PEIDHA is always open to new members and anyone wishing to help the council achieve these objectives and support the dental hygiene profession is welcome to join. Yearly at our AGM, nominees can put their name forward by completing the following form and submitting it to council.

DH Cassidy,
Mar 23, 2017, 9:14 AM